Who is Glói?

‚Hey there. I’m Glói.`

Preferred weather conditions: Winter, water, mud.
Everything concerning wet and cold.
Watching some birds is also a favourite activity.

Glói is an iceland dog and the namesake for this Music label
Most loved place: Outside.

Since 2017 Glói is the companion of me (Matt) and my girlfriend.
His very own behavior and name are as special as the beats are which you gonna find here. So his name was just perfect for this label.

To make your own impression on how we define techno music just check our Releases. (Why how we define? Because every beat needs to be approved by the special „Glói-Taste-Test“ 😉 )

Glói checking some mixes. His smile shows it. Glói-Taste-Test approved!
His second job: Informing about breaktime.

To see some studio impressions and to find out more about Matt Fischery, check the

About Glói music

Glói Music – scrutinise the standard
Glói music. established 2020. A Label by Matt fischery.

I founded Glói Music in 2020 as a platform to release my newest tracks.

It took me two years to work out my own musical style and to take this step. My goal was to produce techno music with its own spirit, signature sounds and arrangement on it. Simply said to define my style. After finishing first tracks in 2019 I started to look for labels to release them. Overtime I got a lot of good feedback but my style never fit with the labels intention or they were „too special“. Gradually I often got asked why not to start my own label.

So I gave some thoughts to this idea and started to work it out. And there it is.

Tadaa and welcome to Glói Music!

The music which will be released on Glói Music reaches from deep and calm melodic beats to hard clubby bangers for a shackin‘ dancefloor.

No Typical Techno. Its more like a journey through technoid-loops.

For now I finished about 18 Tracks which will be released one after another.

The music, mixing, mastering, the graphics, pics, homepage and texts… its all pure DIY.

So enjoy the pure creativity of yours truly Matt Fischery.

And here we got some more pics about the little hairy namesake of our Label for you. Btw Glói means white paw in icelandic language.

Glói Music is a very own style of Label. Its not about climbing charts. its about Moments in life and its journey through.