Matt Fischery – Loom (GM10)

Out now

Tenth release on Glói Music
– – GM10 – –
by matt fischery

This is a very personal track
Well I don’t know how familiar you are with dissociative disorder. They can involve problems with memory, identity, emotion and so on. And thats what my wife felt ill on some years ago. At that time I started to work on this track. Dissociative disorder can also result in long term amnesia phases. So it happened that my wife always loved this track since the very beginning as I started to work on it.
And so over the following weeks she always replied to me how much she loves this
(for her new) melody again and again.

She always had that same smile and happiness in her face and thats what Im always thinking about when I listen to this track. Because this was exactly what I wanted to create with it.

Matt Fischery
A free creation of a peaceful moment catched in some beautiful melodies. Just like its Title “Loom”, the beat is a pure creation of my mind to bring you in another world.

Expect the unexpected.

Glói music