Matt Fischery – In the Morning (GM4)

Out on 27th Nov 2020

fourth release on Glói Music
GM4 – In the morning
by matt fischery


A dark ambience shapes the starting point of this track. Combined with rythmical drumpatterns and grooving melodies I worked out a musical journey through deep but cozy spaces.

To describe ‚In the morning‘ think of a story. A musical story told by my very own deephouse and techno elements.

Matt Fischery
I started to work on this track or to be more detail, on the scratch of this track, on a rainy morning in spring.

I loved the ambience this morning had. Its coldness and the raindrops on the window. And the fact just to feel comfortable because you’re in your warm and cozy home.

So I had this idea to tell a little story in a track.

A story which takes you into a mood of dark ambient cozyness for 9 minutes.

Don’t believe that the first minutes already gonna show you the whole story of the track. Expect some unexpected moments which will happen time by time.

All best and have fun


Glói music

Expect unexpected moments and new sounds on this Label. Join us on our journey through a new universe of electronic music. -Glói & Matt