Matt Fischery – Drifting Down the Road (GM2)

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Let’s go „Drifting down the road“

The second release on Glói Music.

The second release on Glói Music shows a different side on how Matt defines its very own style of Techno Music. Drifting Down The Road is a cheerful groovie beat with some kind of „fluting“ sounds in it. This beat brings you into a relaxed but groovie mood perfect for a lazy day. Just lay back or do whatever you want and enjoy a grooving technoid ride with Matt Fischerys ‚Drifting Down The Road‘.

About two years ago we did a cool roadtrip. We wanted to test our new car on a longer distance. Also my girlfriend didn’t see the ocean for a damn long time. So we decided to do this trip to venice.

Matt Fischery
It was a beautiful day though it was a little bit rainy. so there weren’t that much tourists. We met polite people and had good food. Just everything was perfect.

The next day back home I started jamming around and to figure out this great memories into music. At that time I got a new tool for Max Devices called Ilota. Its a sample looping machine in which you can „paint“ in regions which should be looped continously. With this I produced the fluiting sounds in the beat and created this specific atmosphere you here from the beginning.

To this I added some little piano-melodies and synthesizers to create some more musical diversity. Rounded up with some drumgrooves, a cool grooving and unique sounding beats was done. I wish yall lot fun, so let’s start drifting down the road!

Glói music

Expect unexpected moments and new sounds on this Label. Join us on our journey through a new universe of electronic music. -Glói & Matt