Matt Fischery – Dark Motion (GM6)

Out now!

SIXth release on Glói Music
GM6 – D A R K M O T I O N
by matt fischery

Now we come to the sixth release of Glói Music and the last for 2020.
For this release I took a very special beat.

DARK says it all.

This bea(s)t brings you in a loooot darker mood. A gnarly synthesizer-wave fullfills the beat till the very beginning.

Matt Fischery
Matts signature sound evolves an ambience which seems to fit perfect into some bladerunner scenario. Get ready for a loud Techno Banger telling you its darkest secrets.
Expect the unexpected.

So that you don’t lose yourself too much in this ambience a well pointed melody gives you some space to breath and to settle down a bit before the second eruption of the beat appears and send you on to the second trip through this rough but lovely bea(s)t.

I wanted to create some angry and upset sounds which create an ambience where you can feel the tension that ‘something bigger’ gonna happen.

Enjoy this dark bea(s)t and have fun


Glói music

Expect unexpected moments and new sounds on this Label. Join us on our journey through a new universe of electronic music. -Glói & Matt