Matt Fischery – Construct (GM5)

Out on 11th Dec 2020

fifth release on Glói Music
GM5 – C o n s t r u c t
by matt fischery

All right all right all right
Now. We. Got. Something. Special.

Construct is a very special track. Well let’s say it’s even more a tool than a track. A tool to let you getting crazy.

Matt Fischery
As a DJ, play this track if you need a bridge building track which takes up the tension and brings you in a very own kind of ambience.
As a listener, hear this track when you need something like a pushing effect or to get the needed kick in the ass.

As I started to work on this track I had some crazy cool synthlines in my head which I heard from the artist Matador. A producer from united kingdom. He does absolutely stunning sounds and mixes which took my shoes of.

At the same time a new track by Thomas Schumacher was released which also blowed my mind. So I wanted to combine these totally different ideas of a track to get something completly new.

I wanted a dirty and thrashy synth sound to stay in front of everything else. I wanted to give this sound the complete attention. So I just build some little drumpattern which should stay more in the back and letting the synth building up the tension of this track.

My approach was to be minimal. To be minimal in the used sounds and in the arrangement. So nuff said for now. Just have a listen and decide on your own! Just C O N S T R U C T

All best and have fun


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