Matt Fischery – Chilled Rhythm (GM7)

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Seventh release on Glói Music
GM7 – C H I L L E D R H Y T H M
by matt fischery

To start fresh in this new year I have aN even more chillaxed track for you.
Let`s calm down and relax.

Enjoy some ambience like out of a big cave. Feel the deep soundwaves which fullfills the room and let you float through.

Lay back and get surrounded by some unique sounds and atmospheres.

Matt Fischery
Chilled Rhythm was one of the first beats for this project I started to work on. It was the first time I felt that I found a way of impressing myself in a way I really appreciated.
Expect the unexpected.

For me it’s the start of something special. I recognized that I found sounds which aren’t like anything I heard before by a different artist and I really was willed to worked it out. But it was really challenging for me to find the right way how to mix this track. It took me about 12 months until I finished the mix and was happy with the result.

At the beginning of something new you never know how things gonna evolve and if everything gonna work out the way you want it to. And there are multiple situations in which you think “What am I doing here?” Maybe you know what I mean.

When you will listen to this track you gonna recognize how the little melodies and synths arrangement change from time to time in the way which sounds is louder than the other one.

Just like the whole track and processing is done by myself also the Cover is. It’s one of my first selfmade Pics I made on a trip through Austria. And for me it fits perfect to this track.

Enjoy this beautiful and unique beat with all its little details and have a relaxed time


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Expect unexpected moments and new sounds on this Label. Join us on our journey through a new universe of electronic music. -Glói & Matt