Matt Fischery – Acanthaceous (GM1)

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Acanthaceous is my first release on and with Glói Music.

With this premier release I wanted to define my style of hard and raw Techno. This is a powerful Techno track with acidstyle attitude and a lot of energy in it. Acanthaceous is one of the harder tracks you can expect on this label. If you like artists like Amelie Lens, Thomas Schumacher or UMEK this track will definetly fit in your taste!

The sharp acid Sound of the TB-3 gave me the idea to call it „Acanthaceous“. It means something like spikey and that fits perfect to this track.

Matt Fischery
The track surprises with its spacy breaks which get filled by wobbling and unsettled pad synths. In this case created with an Buchla Easel Synth-Plug. After the breaks you hear the full power and thE dark and screamy sound of the Moog subsequent paired with the typical Acid Machine TB-3.

Acanthaceous is a perfect first impression what Glói Music and I, Matt Fischery, can stand for. Okey its the first release but you will see the big variety of tracks which will be released in near future. Acanthaceous is just one first interpretation on how I define a punchy and powerful Techno Banger for a vibrating dancefloor. More to come.

Glói music

Expect unexpected moments and new sounds on this Label. Join us on our journey through a new universe of electronic music. -Glói & Matt