Matt Fischery

„Music is a beautiful way to transport feelings and connect each other. And as a DJ you also got the abilty to decide what you play next. So you always need a good feeling for the crowd „

A versatile artist with a wide variety of technoid styles

For me the Pseudonym ‚Matt Fischery‘ means a way of impressing myself in electronic music.

Matt Fischery

In my everyday life I work for a broadcast station and produce trailers, bumpers, stingers and so on. But in my downtime I work on my unique productions to create a dark but wonderful dreamy atmosphere with my very own style of Techno music.

sounddesigner, Audiophile Music Producer, mixing-engineer.

For me the Pseudonym ‚Matt Fischery‘ is a way of impressing myself in electronic music. For this I work out sounds and melodies to get into several emotions and impressions. I mean emotions or moments when you feel like getting angry, feeling confident, being desperate, or just having a damn good day. In this case I wanna try to tell about my inner feelings I went to the last few years. That was a special time for me. And so are the beats which I produced since then.

Each track contains its own layers of sound. For each of these several layers I worked out my own way to create the rytm and melody parts. With this in mind I try to achieve these special soundscapes which gives some special touch to my tracks.

Matt Fischery

So take part and have a listen to the stories in my tracks. And maybe, on one or the other track, you will hear some little details. =)

For the tracks on this label I took two years for improving my mix and mastering process.

On the newest tracks I reconsidered every sound from scratch and worked a lot with selfrecorded drum sounds from my analog drummachines. For now I found my personal techniques to get the sound-standard I was looking for and which fits to the wanted musical atmospheres I want to have in my music.

Newest release
Matt Fischery – Acanthaceous

Same name. new style.

I’m into music producing for more than 15 years. So I allready worked in a lot of different genre like Dubstep, Techhouse, Deephouse, Vocalhouse, Pop, Rap, Metal, Deathmetal, Hardcore and more. It was always big fun but I never defined how I exactly want to sound for myself. As a DJ and Producer.

In 2018 I decided to start from scratch if I want make music which is really by myself and express my inner intentions completly. I asked myself how I really want to produce my own music and what my music should stay for. Just to find the perfect way of expressing me as an artist.

Overtime I realized that there are always some parts which are important for me like a big sounding kick or bassgroove paired with some sweet melodies and special fx soundparts in the background.

With this in mind I started to work out all these different layers with their own soundprocessing. Overtime I felt that I found enough soundlayers to realize all the types of grooves and emotions I wanted to have in my music. Its like finding all needed people to start your own „band“.

By the way in early days I sang in different bands and always used my voices to spread my message.

Its always important for me to give some special intentions into my music. As Matt Fischery I don’t use my voice that often but I also try to spread a bit of a „message“ just by synths.

This voiceless layer of interacting and spreading emotional shape also reminds me of the wordless interaction with Glói, my dog. We understand each other without any use of words. We see in the others face how we feel and what the other one needs at the moment. For me its the same with music and people who listen to music.

Its the big challenge to get into the same mood with the people and to find this special connection to each other. For me thats what music is for and what I find so special about it. Music connects each other in this special moment and holds us in it.

So I started producing tracks with the intention that they tell their own stories and produce some kind of own atmospheres. My music deals with different layers of my inner mind and emotions but always has some rythm and own groove in it. For me a loud kick with a good basegroove matters!

Just check the Releases to find out more and get a first impression of my sound. I wish you a lot fun while exploring my beats and habe a great trip through the big variety of different sound ambiences and the musical cosmos of my mind.

Wanna see me in action? Check out my videos on Youtube:

Jamsession on my drummachines. MFB Tanzbär & Elektron Rytm MK2.

Matts Studio
I’m a soundfiddler. All music and a looot of used samples are recorded/produced by myself. Also all mixing and mastering stuff is diy. I love to produce all my sounds from scratch and with my own processing techniques. For my rythmical parts I completly felt in love with the Elektron Rytm MK2 and the MFB Tanzbär. HEre you see my studio in 2018.

I love little details and evolving moments in my music. For me the little unique moments matter. So every song contains its own story though they can be even more clubby and darker. I always want to get a special touch on every single track. They all take you on a deep trip through a my musical space of continous change and atmospheres. I’m not willed to bring you into just this staddy loop but I want to evolve it maybe without even that you recognice. Just like a musical journey.

some more studio impressions
I produce my tracks in both worlds. Means analog and digital. I always record my rythm parts with the drummachines and sometimes also pads and bass with a moog synth. Than I combine them with my most loved digital synths and polish all with my favourite Plugins and some analog saturation.

Working on some selfmade stereo field-recordings. Quick and dirty style.
Since 2020 I did a bunch of upgrades in my room and on my soundprocessing. Acoustic absorbers, new monitors, bigger screen, better preamps for recording and better (to my sound) fitting plugins were just the main parts.

By the way. Mixing needed?

If you need your song mixed or mastered or if you got any questions regarding mixing, feel free to contact me on Soundbetter. Here you find my Soundbetter Account. All best Matt.